INNOVATION&EQUITY20: 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology

At 91, Roy L.. Clay Sr. is still passing the torch to new generations of African-Americans in technology and life science.

Innovation&Equity20: 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology lifts up the more than 450,000 African-American nurses who are ten percent of the workforce in the most demanding settings fighting the COVID-19 virus and hundreds of thousands of health care workers.

PANDEMIC to PROSPERITY is a mandate to insure that they are not just essential, but at the forefront of the vast wealth being created by the response to this global emergency.

The Roy L. Clay Technology Pinnacle Awards are going to:

Derek Peterson, co-founder of Soter Technologies in Long Island, who has created since March Symptom Sense, a walk-through scanner that detects respiratory disease;

Kizzmekia S. Corbett, Ph.D., scientific lead for the vaccine research program at the National Institute for Allegies and Infectious Diseases and patent applicant for the Moderna vaccine;

Dr. Timnit Gebru, co-founder, Blacks in Artificial Intelligence and pioneer in research in bias in algorithms.  She has gained the support of Congressmembers for her paper which led to her departure from Google.