april 3-may 15, 2021



The Burbridge Center is the result of 30 years of expert stature in the world of African-American technology, health care and entreprenuership so we know how to pick the winners with our monthly Journal of Black Innovation and the insights of our 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology.



How to Do Equity April 3-May 15 shows you how to navigate a changing landscape that requires equal opportunity and international cultural fluency although you have not been prepared for it.  Year-round, nKLUD supplies you with the talent and environment to be part of an emerging global marketplace.



how to do equity

Avoid the run-around that leaves you exposed for intellectual property theft and being pimped for photo ops and connects you with real sources of growth capital that propels your firm into the big leagues.  We've tracked successful Black businesses for 30 years so we find you and give you a runway to take off.


hot properties

Ten companies on a path to billion-dollar sales

Derek Peterson, CEO, Soter Technologies

Bruce Redding, CEO, Transdermal Specialties Global

Reginald Mbwuike, CEO mGive Health

Wayne Perry, CEO, Cornerstone Concilium

Gerald Commissiong, CEO Todos Medical

Drs. Eddilisa and Marcus Martin, 2M Clinical

Donnie and Colleen Nabors, MCI Diagnostic

and more

getting results

Dr. Lila Collins, associate director for therapies of the $5.5 billion California Institute of Regenerative Medicine; Dr. Pierre Theodore, vice president of global external innovation of Johnson&Johnson and Dr. Keith Shongwe of HealthCover Pty in South Africa on how to turn the pandemic to prespeity.

investing in equity

Board of Equalization Chair Malia Cohen; A Black Educational Network Founder Debra Watkins; Burbridge Center Venture Partners




Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber, who is California's business facilitator; Carroll Thomas, the U.S. Department of Commerce's manufacturing expert and Rukayatu Tijani, Esq., founder of IP powerhouse Firm for the Culture